The Life-span Of Virtual Viewings


 The Life-span Of Virtual Viewings 

Snapshot: Marketing In Lockdown

The good news is that very few properties are being removed from the market. Charlie Bryant, CEO of Zoopla, described these stats as a “silver lining in the cloud we are starting to see” with the number of homes only 1% lower than March 7th 2020. (Coronavirus: The Rise of Virtual Viewings).

It appears many vendors are happy to continue marketing their homes despite social distancing measures, which has meant that the less digitalised agents have fought to modernise fast and rightly so. As more people browse the internet, it would be foolish not to.

Self-guided tours, virtual appointments and video viewings have been broadly labelled as ‘the way forward for property’, even once lockdown ends, but in a faceless digital world, there is nothing quite like seeing a home for yourself and becoming acquainted with your chosen agent.

Here Are Our Thoughts On Virtual Viewings


They’re Great!

1. Your home, your way - Filming a pre-recorded video places the homeowner in full control to showcase their home exactly as they wish. Smartphone cameras provide high definition footage so if you’re one for aesthetic angles, this hands-on approach will be perfect.

2. Around the clock viewings - Arranging to see a house has never been easier. Pause, replay and share virtual viewings with your friends and family without the hassle of time constraints or juggling the diary.

3. Chat to the homeowner - if a customer opts for a video call, virtual appointments can help to provide a more authentic feel for the property not otherwise accessible. With the current restrictions stopping us from even investigating the neighbourhood, video conferences are a great alternative for those looking for a fast move & seeking instant answers.


They’re Great... For the Time Being

1. Put a face to a name - We appreciate how overwhelming it can be to move home, so we like to be as real and genuine with our customers as possible - that’s why we encourage booking a physical viewing to meet our lovely, local team. Don’t be a faceless name in the digital world. Let’s get to know each other.

2. A half-hearted offer - Unless it’s your dream home, the likelihood that someone places an offer based on a virtual viewing alone is low. Our guidance and advice are founded upon honesty, so we will always provide direction to help you out.

3. No nasty surprises - unfortunately, video footage can be misleading. Unless you have 3D cameras to create a 360-degree perspective, give your property the justice it deserves. Our agents are professionally trained to photograph your home for particulars but, even then, we urge those interested to view in person. Have no uncertainty about the space, size, colour or neighbourhood: your next big purchase is not worth leaving to chance.

Will Virtual Viewings Seriously Last?

Whether virtual viewings will continue to be as popular in life beyond lockdown, it is difficult to say. Our relationship with the internet over this period has been both a blessing and a curse. We, as consumers, are impatient and whilst virtual viewings serve the cravings of night owls and early birds, visiting a property demands a person’s full attention. People are less flippant to judge and more open-minded to the potential of the house. Physical viewings also encourage deeper reflection in the hours and days to come simply because of the time we’ve committed in our personal lives. Our goal is that all of our customers feel they have made the right decision.

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